Covington Victory Gardens

A partnership between Redden Gardens, The Center for Great Neighbrhoods of Covington and the Civic Garden Center, the Covington Victory Gardens started in 2020 as a response to the Covid Epidemic. By partnering mentor gardeners with their neighbors, the program intended to share neighborhood knowledge about vegetable gardening by providing raised beds or container gardens.

The 2020 season involved 15 households and 4 mentor gardeners. The gardens were set up directly at the homes in the best areas to grow depending on the individual situation. Why the majority used raised beds on ground or concrete, a few families used 5 gallon buckets on porches and balconies.

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The secret to healthy eating is access. By having gardens close to the kitchen, families and individuals are able to eat healthily and economically. Nutritious produce can inspire new chefs to think creatively and try new recipes and otherwise serve more complete meals for themselves and their families.
For some new gardeners, this might mean going out of their comfort zone, but mentor gardeners provide a support network for new gardeners and eachother in how to best grow and realize growing mistakes or issues before they compound.

The Next Chapter

Going forward we expect to involve more and more families as we build our city knowledge of how to grow and what is possible regardless of space or knowledge limitations. We plan for this to be an annual activity which we will further develop over time, including communal activites and cooking!

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